Let’s get straight to the point

Unfortunately if you are looking for soft & fluffy inspirational quotes, get rich quick tutorials, or the thousandth fitness/makeup/[insert other distraction here] blog, then you have ended up in the wrong place.

This blog, or project, was started for one purpose, and one purpose only – to see others succeed and be prosperous. More specifically, I want more people that look like me to want better and do better. That’s why I am here.

Everything posted on this blog is with intention and purpose. Nothing will be sugar-coated. I will always tell the truth and I will occasionally be sarcastic. If only one post, one comment, one message changes someone’s life, I have done my job.

I want to share my struggle, my journey, my milestones, achievements, and failures in hopes of you learning from me.

I also want you to share yours, so that I may learn from you.

This platform exists as a place to be open about ourselves. I want to unlock the potential within not just young black women, but women who, regardless of age, have decided to take power and ownership over their lives.

This blog is for you:

  • 22-year old college graduate without a job
  • 24-year old single mother without a father-figure
  • 15-year old who’s head over heels in love with her first boyfriend
  • 47-year old divorcee with a scare dating pool
  • 26-year old newlywed secretly hoping she chose the right partner
  • 30-year old party girl with 30k Instagram followers but no real friend

If you don’t listen to anything else written in this blog, listen to this. I see you. Not your hair, your smile, or your outfit. You.

The question is, do you see yourself and like what you see back?

If not, subscribe to the Black Royalty Project.

Check out The secret to having the best 2018 ever!

More about Black Royalty Project’s mission.


6 thoughts on “Let’s get straight to the point

  1. Bre, your comment on my post brought me to yours, and I am definitely loving your “about” statement. It is so similar to what I’m trying to start with my outreach program, which is first and foremost for at risk youth, but ultimately here to uplift the “under dog”.


  2. Wow! You and I have the same motivations for our writing. I read youe page & was able to relate. Almost felt like you were reading my mind or like we were talking about the same thing. I’m inspired by women who are inspired as that is the same emotion I hope to ignite in others. Thanks for sharing.

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