The secret to having the best 2018 ever!

No matter what you do in life, good, bad, or indifferent, your actions will always come around. How you treat people, how you behave in your everyday life, what you say to yourself all comes full circle.

The reaction may not manifest itself equally to your action. If you steal, that doesn’t mean your payback will be someone stealing from you.  If you are an aggressive or angry person, that doesn’t mean violence is around every corner. (although you probably are attracting more of the negative forces than you think).

Instead, you could have issues later on in life with your children. Or you may end up with a partner who turns out to be extremely toxic. Make no mistake, that for every action, there is an equal reaction.

So how do we master identifying when something has come full circle?

Think of the one time you did something nice and compassionate for someone or something outside of yourself that no one knows about.

Now think of something good that happened to you that could be assumed as “lucky”.

People that you think are “lucky” are putting something good into the world that you have no idea about. Don’t assume, however, that they don’t have roadblocks or hardships. Because just as they project positivity they can also project negativity.

We all project both. But what you need to decide is which side of the scale will you tip on? Identify a moment in your life that you thought karma came around to you. Ask yourself why. Did you feel so deeply regretful that you anticipated, if not created, the consequence?

How about a positive karma? Did you meditate and pray and imagine your dream and then it came true?

This year, practice questioning the things that seem random, happenstance, or luck, because I can guarantee it is a reaction and reflection of your past thoughts and actions. The law of attraction is real and you must pay close attention to master it

To learn more about the law of attraction, I highly recommend visiting It has forever changed my outlook on life.


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