Want to know the secret to getting rid of anxiety?

Anxiety has been a personal struggle for me since I graduated college. Something about having to grow up and “adult” brings about a whole new layer of issues you never knew existed.

For women, anxiety is extremely prevalent. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety disorders. And only about a third of them seek help for it. Our suffering in silence has to stop and here’s the number one secret to getting rid of it.

The secret to getting rid of anxiety is ACKNOWLEDGING it.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Call a thing a thing. Speak it. Scream it. Write it down. However you express it, it MUST be acknowledged.

So how do you acknowledge it you ask? On the surface that seems fairly easy to execute right?

Well it’s not. In fact, you could be labeling it as depression, anger, crazy, or even NORMAL (that’s what I did). Thinking that anxiety is normal is your worst culprit, because it leaves your stress unattended and it manifests itself in other ways.

Your body will begin to tell you how stressed or anxious you are by ruminating thoughts, obsessive thinking, restlessness, having little patience, mental fatigue, and don’t even get me started on the physical pains.

From my own personal experience, anxiety attacks can feel like heart attacks. Some say it feels like they’re going to die. If you have ever gotten to that point, you have failed to ACKNOWLEDGE your anxiety and it’s only going to get worse unless you do.

When you notice the anxiety creeping up on you, stop yourself. Now, speak it out loud. Literally. Say “I’m feeling anxious right now,” or “This is worrying me and stressing me out.”

From there, start the dialogue with yourself and examine why you are feeling that way. If you have a willing partner or friend to talk to, ask them to help you talk through it or just simply listen.

I want to interject here by stating these are not medical claims, rather, I am speaking from personal experience from myself and others. I do not in ANY way want to misguide anyone from seeking professional medical help.

That being said, again a personal opinion, I don’t think anxiety can be “cured” by medication or therapy unless we first acknowledge it. Medical professionals can be quick to prescribe a pill to get rid of your issues. I suggest doing everything you can to avoid doing so.

Initially, it may help bandaid the inner scars and pain that caused the anxiety in the first place. But it will not heal the deep wounds within. Medicine cannot listen to you. Pills cannot hear your thoughts. And they certainly can’t acknowledge the pain in heart.

That’s why your first step to healing anything, not just anxiety, is acknowledgement. Pure, gut-wrenching, raw, 100% honest truth.

Give yourself permission to put a voice to your pain, discomfort, worry and stress. The release will feel tremendous.


2 thoughts on “Want to know the secret to getting rid of anxiety?

  1. Love this post. So glad you opted to write this. Many people need to understand how important mental health is & that it is not an issue that can be swept under the rug. Anxiety can lead to many other issues that can then further mask the issue of anxiety. Anxiety is a REAL issue. Thank you for addressing it. From one anxiety ridden person to another. Thank you.


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