Founded in 2017, Black Royalty Project’s mission is to help young black women succeed in their personal and professional lives.

I’ve experienced (and will continue to experience) the spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges that come with being a young black woman in our society. If I could go back to my 16-year-old self (who thought she knew it all) and tell her what I know now, it would probably start somewhere with “love yourself.” And by love yourself, I mean truly love yourself. Your imperfections. Your faults. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. Love each and every part.

All teenage girls have insecurities, but being a black teenage girl presents a whole new layer of insecurities. You are taught by society that the only thing you’ll be valued for is your body. From music videos, to reality TV, we have been told our value instead of defining it for ourselves. I bet you’re thinking, “But wait. What about Michelle Obama? Gabby Douglas? Rosalind Brewer? Oprah? They’re all positive black female role models.” My answer to that is simple. Society rewards and glorifies reality TV stars just as equally as First Ladies, if not more. Now you tell me which one is easier to become.

My goal is to help young ladies quickly identify the labels and expectations society places on us. These prejudices are often so discreet, you may not recognize an obstacle even exists. Shedding light on these obstacles and giving women the tools to overcome them is what I strive to do everyday. I’ve personally come to embrace these challenges and fight them head on. I encourage you to join me and other young black women to learn, prosper and flourish!



Bre – Founder, writer, mother and wife